Mendocino County, in alignment with the State of California, is fully open.  All capacity restrictions for businesses have been lifted, as have the social distancing requirements.  Also in effect is a new mask ordinance, depending upon whether a person is vaccinated or not.  If you have been vaccinated, masks are only required in certain instances such as entering a hospital; otherwise, wearing a mask is optional.  Masks are still required for unvaccinated individuals both indoors and outdoors if a person is within six (6) feet of others.

In aligning with the State, the Mendocino County Public Health Officer has updated the County health order effective June 15, 2021.

Please keep in mind that some businesses within Mendocino County may still require guests to wear masks when entering their shops, restaurants and properties in a continued effort to keep everyone safe and healthy while in Mendocino County.

Mendocino County Health Order effective June 15, 2021

Resources for Businesses:

The following signs are compliant with the California Department of Public Health guidance that takes effect on June 15th. Click on the link below to download the pdf signage for your business.


Health & Safety Guidelines Sign (English & Spanish) 8.5×11

Health & Safety Guidelines Sign (English & Spanish) 11×17

CLICK HERE for a selection of signs and decals available for purchase from                                            Braggadoon Signs & Graphics

Signs can be printed by VMC and mailed to properties by sending a request to info@visitmendocino.com.

Website Messaging:

This message was created for you to copy and paste onto your website. Feel free to create your own message or change this as you see necessary. Also, use any of the graphics below to enhance your #SAFEMENDOCINO commitment.

Thank you for your interest in staying with us! As you may know, Mendocino County is now fully open in alignment with the State of California. We welcome you to our County and remind you that we have extremely limited medical services due to our small population.  We have been very fortunate to only have had very few cases; and any increase in cases could easily overwhelm our capacity to treat patients.

Please help keep our community safe from Covid-19 spreading by continuing to:

  1. Wear a mask whenever indoors with other people
  2. Wash or sanitize your hands when entering or exiting buildings
  3. Make space for others in hallways and aisles
  4. Stay home if you feel ill and have symptoms associated with COVID-19 such as cough, fever, or trouble breathing

Thank you for helping to keep yourselves, other guests, our staff and all of Mendocino County Safe and Healthy!

For additional information visit www.visitmendocino.com