Board of Directors


  • Chair: John Kuhry, 3-Year Term – At Large Member
  • Vice Chair: Sharon Davis, 3-Year Term – Mendocino Coast Chamber of Commerce/Coastal Regional Promotional Organization Member
  • Secretary: Jo Bradley, 2-Year Term – Medium Lodging Operator Member
  • Treasurer: Marcus Magdaleno, 2-Year Term – Inland Chamber of Commerce/Inland Regional Promotional Organization Member
  • Cynthia Ariosta, 3-Year Term – Food & Beverage
  • Bernadette Byrne, 3-Year Term – Winery/Winegrower Member
  • Cally Dym, 3-Year Term – Coastal Large Lodging Operator Member
  • Jitu Ishwar, 3-Year Term – Large Lodging Operator Member
  • Deborah Kettner, 3-Year Term – Small Lodging Operator Member
  • Jan Rodriguez, 2-Year Term – Inland Large Lodging Operator Member
  • Jennifer Seward, 2-Year Term – Arts Organization/Attractions Member

The Board shall consist of a total of eleven (11) voting Directors. Directors shall be elected/appointed in accordance with Section 5.3 of the MCTC Bylaws.

Board of Directors Informational Folder


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